Brand Story

Our Story

On a cold winter day in 2014, DOOREK was born in Hong Kong. To us, DOOREK is not just the beginning of a ski brand, but a symbol of rethinking and redefining the skiing experience deep in the soul of every skiing enthusiast. We are committed to providing equipment and experiences that help every adventurous spirit to break their limits. At DOOREK, we believe that every ski trip deserves the best equipment. This belief drives us to design professional, waterproof, breathable, and stylish skiing gear.


Our Belief

At DOOREK, we believe every descent is a new exploration. Our gear is not just for protection but for enabling every skier to find their limits, whether you're a beginner setting foot on the board for the first time or a seasoned skier seeking the next challenge. DOOREK is here to support every step of your skiing experience.

Featured Products

Explore our curated gear, each piece meticulously designed to enhance your skiing experience. From waterproof, breathable ski wear to functional backpacks, each product combines professional performance with stylish design, ensuring you stand out with confidence and style on the mountains.

Join Our Journey

Our journey is a story written together by every member of DOOREK. Join us to share your skiing stories, explore the unknown, and challenge yourself. No matter where you are on the mountain, DOOREK looks forward to being a part of your adventure.